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The New Era of Code Writing summer courses will be held in the Alpha Tech Education Centre in July and August. Please visit for details.


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In view of the varying qualities and limited choices of Computer/Information Technology e-books in the market, Information Technology Education Limited began planning for the publication of the Computer/Information Technology ITebook in 2011, with the hope to provide a new choice for schools. ITebook was successfully launched in September, 2013. We aim to enhance learning effectiveness by making computer learning easy and fun for both students and teachers.

ITebook is composed by experienced Computer subject teachers with the view to match the learning targets of various learning stages set out by the Education Bureau as well as students’ practical learning needs. It covers a wide range of contents, including software skills, computer knowledge and attitudes, online safety and IT literacy, and computer programming skills.

ITebook includes a total of 18 different types of learning/teaching resources and functions, which serve to make computer learning easy and fun. Schools can freely customize their courses by selecting from a pool of over 350 chapters, getting rid of the constraints of traditional textbooks.

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Mechanical Engineer Course

Students configure LEGO EV3/NXT robots and program them to accomplish various missions.

Lego EV3/NXT

Scratch/Scratch Board Programming Course

Scratch is a multimedia program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With Scratch, students can create highly interactive multimedia works and compose games. What’s more, it can used in combination with a Scratch Board to enhance the interactivity of games.

App Inventor
Mobile Game and App Course

App Inventor is easy-to-use and can allow students to create their own mobile games and Android apps.

App Inventor


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About Us

Information Technology Education Limited was founded in 2011, with the mission to help students learn better
as well as raise teachers’ teaching effectiveness by incorporating information technology into education.
Since the launch in 2013, our ITebook for Computer/Information Technology has been welcome
by schools and our customer base is on the rise.
In addition, we also provide a series of computer courses for schools,
such asLego EV3/NXT,Scratch/ Scratch Board and AppInventor


Students can learn information technology effectively and apply it properly in everyday life.


To become a well-known technology education company in Hong Kong as well as an important partner of schools.

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